Henna Tattooing


Our Henna Tattooing Package

Only the real deal here: traditionally made and applied

We also do freehand henna tattoos, for which the price varies upon the design and size. We have some designs you can choose from, or you may bring in your own simple design for us to do. Our henna is all organic and made in-store (no chemicals)!

Our Process


From the minute you step into our doorstep, the experience is about you. We will first listen to what you would like done and how you would like it done. You can bring your own inspiration for a design or we can free hand authentic henna designs for you


The henna we use is entirely organic and authentic; it is prepared at our own salon using a traditional mix of South Asian henna powder and no chemicals. Our henna has only natural herbs, which allow it to leave a deep and beautiful stain on the skin.


We apply the henna with a simple henna cone and you will be able to see the design as we make it. This way, we can ensure that you like how the design is coming along.


We recommend leaving the henna on for at least 10-15 minutes until it dries. Once it dries, you can remove the dry henna by massaging the area with a dry paper towel. If you can avoid wetting the design with water, it will last longer. The color will be light when you take the dry henna off, but it will deepen within a day or so.

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